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Little Baby Ingram's Celebration

Exactly one month and five days ago today; friends and family gathered at the Peterbro in Detroit to celebrate Little Baby Ingram.  There is so much love and possibility attached to the celebration. 

The event was held at the Peterbro; our favorite modern Chinese Restaurant in Detroit.  (read about the meaning behind the restaurant here.)

We feel so blessed as we move into this next big phase of life, can not wait to introduce Little Baby Ingram to everyone soon!



Our guests were greeted by our Lucky Baby sign. My incredible husband designed all of the graphic elements as well as provided all of the art direction for the visuallization of the event.  Thank you hubby! It currently hangs on our wall in our living room- I love it- We pulled visually from the essence of the invites and the Lucky Baby poster to create the environmental applications, through the use of eucalyptus of various kinds, cutie clementines and babies breath. The venue itself was so beautiful it did not need a lot of embellishment. 


We had only one game at the baby shower; "Try your luck" which allowed guests to guess how many clementines were in the basket. Clementines were not only represented on the invite and graphics but they also represent good luck and good fortune. We thought it was the perfect way to bring good fortune to the baby. 


Our guests were encouraged to write Fortune's to Little Baby Ingram.  We had custom chocolate fortune cookies made for the event that had custom messaging. 


The shower cake was an white Alpine lace chocolate cake with simple embellisment. 


Our table settings not only featured the clementines, eucalyptus and babies breath but it also featured the party favors; little lucky bamboo.  Each guest received a little vase with two bamboo stalks, representing JR and I- Bamboo is a symbol of virtue in Chinese culture. It is an example of the harmony between nature and human beings. We thought it would be the perfect reminder of the celebration. 


We had an amazing time celebrating with family and friends. 

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