Cassie Clark.
epic shit.


work hard. do more.

Every year on the same date January 3-

I sit down and try to write a motivational blog about the new year at hand.  But here is the thing- yes this is a new year but I feel like my goals for 2016 are almost identical as the ones I made in 2015. 

The task at hand is quite simple:


What that means is I want to change the world through Design. 

I am a firm believer that Design- can have a positive impact on the world. 

Hopeless Romantic?- you bet!

Reckless Optimistic- I wouldn't have it any other way

Yes I have been known to upset people with my strong believe in my designs and the designs of my team. But good design is not easy and it takes a lot of conviction even when you want to quit and no one else believes in the original vision. 

Stay Focused.

Stay Positive.

BE FEARLESS. and watch this video.