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why personal branding is essential to career success

I read the following article published by Fast Company LINK HERE and was really inspired to talk specifically to designers .  

Often times when designers forget especially when they are in school that they are a brand. Branding speaks to the essence of who you are.  And while you have a personal brand- you will often have to design within the brand guidelines of other brands.  It is critical to remember to engulf yourself in these brands but never forget your own brand identity. 

It is silent. 

It is unique. 

It conveys a feeling and an emotion. 

And effective Brand Identity should tell the customers, or the consumer what they may expect from your product and services- and what differentiates you from your competitors. 

Defines who you are. 

Who people perceive you to be. 

Who you want to be. 

Think of all elements as a package. 

Every decision one makes as a designer needs to fit within their own personal brand. So in my portfolio class that I teach at the College for Creative Studies we begin by creating a brand identity; including the creation of a logo, color palette, design elements,  and the creation of an inspiration board. 

You are a brand. 

From this day forth; you will ask yourself this one question:


if it is proceed. 

if it is not- STOP.