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Don't Justify Your Dreams Execute on Them. Gary Vee



GaryVee is known for his in your face bold statements and has had a huge impact on my daily motivation. 

So who is this guy- and why do I love him?

Gary is a Entrepreneur, author, speaker and YouTube, Instagram, Facebook sensation. He was first known as a wine critic who grew his family's wine business and started Wine Library, he is best known for his work in digital marketing and social media leading VaynerMedia and VaynerX.  Be sure to visit his website and sign up for his HUSTLE DIGEST.  There are a ton of great reads as well! 

I love watching his Daily Vlogs even just listening to them while I am working.  He provides the truth. What I love is placing everything he is saying through the design filter. Often times I see young people who enter the design industry who do not want to hustle or to work for it. They want to be a Creative Director right out of the gate when the enter the industry. Everyone wants the glamourous essence of what it means to be a designer, mingle with clients, talk designer talk, look like a designer. But if you can't design you can't design. If you have an entitled attitude you will never put your ego aside and learn. To become a great designer you need to put in the blood sweat and tears.  When you enter the industry right out of school keep your head down- put in the work- do extra- learn from the senior designers you work with. ABSORB everything. Never say no. 


What I love about Gary is he puts in the work every day. He isn't flashy he hustles- HARD. There is always room for improvement always room for growth and learning especially as a designer. I am still learning. Still improving. Still hustling. 

These videos are incredible- I will re-watch them from time to time. 

His Instragram also is amazing- I have so many of his motivational posts saved to my collection so I can reference them when I need them the most. 



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