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Will You Be My Valentine?


I love the idea of celebrating love on Valentine's Day- I wanted Auden to dress up for the occasion.  After a few internet searches for the perfect outfit preferably covered in hearts I was unable to find anything that I liked or that would fit her.  She is in a weird stage right now- not quiet a newborn but not fitting in all of her 0-3 month clothing. So I began thinking let's just paint one of her white onesies. This is a quick how to for any upcoming occasions or celebrations to make your little one festive. 

1. Gather your materials and supplies.


For this project I used simple acrylic paint that I used to paint canvas with; however they do sell fabric paint if you wish to wash it multiple times.  I have painted T-shirts with normal acrylic paint and it does hold up in the wash.  I also grabbed a variety of paint brushes to test the thickness of the heart.  You will also need a piece of cardboard to place in between the onesie to keep the paint from seeping through. I also have a small container of water to thin out the paint. 

2. Decide on a design. 


I sketched out two designs and decided on the simple one heart design.  Ideating on paper will help you have a strategy before you begin painting. 

3. Have FUN!


There are no mistakes- I did draw out the design before I began to paint in order to make sure I was maintain the heart shape. 

4. Work it girl! 

I love capturing my little love nugget in her new attire.