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How to Find Your Personal Brand



Crafting your brand identity for your portfolio or for your personal en-devours. 

This is the essence of who you are. 

As a designer this needs to drip from the paged.  You need to create the emotional connection between you and your brand to your audience.

This shit isn’t easy- you have to dig deep into yourself and really explore who you are as a designer, you must live struggle with the good, the bad, even the ugly- And as you over turn the rocks you will find a lot of ugly.


This is my favorite exercise because it involves assembling and collecting visual images that you respond to. This is a great way to learn who you are through the assemblage of visuals.

Assemble visual images you are responding to- print them out- seriously- this is really important nothing can replace the actual assemblage of physical assets- you have to print them for this to work ( I have tried digital assemblages in classes- and the students do not respond the same way as they do when they actually take the time to craft a wall physically) It is about exploring how you as a visual designer assemble and colleague these pieces together- do the colors play off one another well? Did you look for other images that played better together?

What are the common threads that you see on your board?

If done right you will begin to identify similarities and common thread to help establish your visual identity. When assembling think abstractly- and select images for color, texture, unique narratives. Refine your selections to a comphresive visual package. I have included mine below to show you how I was able to refine from my process board to a finish product. 


The next stage in this process will be crafting a personal brand guideline.