Cassie Clark.
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Keeping the Design Motivation Going

We all struggle some days to get up out of bed and kick ass with our design projects- let's be honest. For me the struggle has been balancing the intense amounts of research for our baby, with all of the fun things that we need to accomplish, baby name, baby nursery, baby shower; while not missing a beat at work.  



The body and mind can certainty handle a lot of pressure and demand and I have found that I still demand a lot from myself despite the lack of caffeine, sleep and energy (building a baby takes a lot of energy) 




First I love design or I would not keep doing it; the exhibit industry is not for the faint of heart it is for those who love pain. Just kidding!  but we are adrenaline junkies. I am a hard core adrenaline junkie I love pushing myself furtur and futhur solving problems faster and faster for a seamless look.  For me Charles Eames spoke truth when he said "Never let the blood show". 



Like I said though there are days that it is harder to solve problems, harder to focus and get shit done- so what keeps me motivated when I feel like the walls are collapsing in around me? 

I work through it. I work harder to get out of my funk, I force myself to figure it out and give myself unrealistic expectations and tasks to accomplish. Why? Because I fool myself into the motivation again through frustration. It is a sickness but it is part of my process and for some reason it has never failed me. 



I also like to surround myself with motivating people and things. 

Here are a few of the motivational vlogs that I listen to while working at work that keep me going:


Casey Neistat: Seriously love this guy, love that he is in New York and love the work ethic and passion he brings. 

Do what you can't is one of my favorite videos he has made. 


 Gary Vaynerchuck: I love his no bullshit, just create idealism. His sense of marketing is also very helpful with my daily job to keep me relevant in the extension and experiential sense.  His DailyVee is incredible, I try to listen to it everyday.