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still fighting for gender equality

How is it that in 2015- women are still fighting for gender equality? 

I am a feminist.  I have been my whole life.  I might not have had the word to describe what I was- but I knew that boys and girls were equal.  In my eyes there was no differences.  Growing up I never felt less than a boy.  I knew I could do anything a boy could do- and hell I could do it better.   I always felt that I could accomplish anything I wanted to the sky was the limit. I was raised by two incredible strong woman my mother and grandmother- who surrounded me and my sister with strong female role models- not only being them themselves but also by immersing me in a strong culture of woman who have done incredible things in history. 

Today we celebrate International Woman's Day- and what that mean is we shed light on the inequality that women Internationally struggle with.  I never thought that at a 28 year old woman living in America I would have to fight for quality- but I do.


Historically the woman's movement has been lead and fought by woman- but it effects everyone.  Society as Emma Watson spoke of on her Facebook interview today " devalues the she".  

Feminism is not a dirty word- it does not mean that one hates men- I love men, or that we do not wear makeup- I do, and call it my warpaint to go and battle the world. 

I chose a male dominated career, exhibit design, and though I knew what I was getting myself into- what I didn't realize was that in 2010 when I was hired full time at George P. Johnson I was the first female EVER in that office to be hired as a designer.  I still can't believe that? It seems surreal to me.  Since then I am often the only female in the room during a design meeting.  I had to learn to grow very thick skin, put on my war paint and fight those who were old school in thinking and prove my worth everyday.  It seems insane to me.  I also knew that I was probably not being compensated for the same work as my male counterparts.  

So to those who do not believe this is an issue I say to you- think about your mothers, your self, or your future potential daughters, would you want them to have to deal with this burden of inequality? The Civil Rights Act signed in 1964 also banned gender discrimination- in 2015 we need to rethink our progress. 

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