Cassie Clark.
epic shit.


happy birthday frank!

The work of any great person in history has always caused a stir.  Much can be said about the constraints of architecture and those who like Frank Gehry have dared to challenge the status quo and give us architecture that requires thought.  His structures are controversial and play with form liberating these static containers of stuff into works of art.  Love him or hate him- what Frank has been able to do for architecture has allowed for other architectures to turn fiction into fact. 

Frank celebrated his 86th birthday on the 28th of February. 86th! and he is still going strong.  This is my homage to him- the birthday boy. Gehry has had such an influence on my own work as a student and into my professional career.  In exhibit design we seek to translate the  essence of  a brand into a three dimensional representation, to make the audience feel.  And Frank serves as inspiration for feeling.  



Studio images and Frank's picture courtesy of Martin Cook