Cassie Clark.
epic shit.


point and line to plane

The connection and interpretation of a line, of shapes, and expression is a wonderful thing. It relates back to the concept and the designers and or artists ability to connect abstract elements and form them back to the objective of the project to create strong solutions. I have discovered is often times I subconsciousness make decisions as it relates to these relationships. 

Each shape is an expression of reality and tension of forces that can be understood only in connection to their invisible backdrop.

It was Kandinsky who in fact conducted us towards this fantastic world. Like a water diviner, he tried to retrace and translate the form of life and decipher sonic, graphic and chromatic signs with his eidetic sensibility. 

An invitation to "listen" to shapes and create a spiritual relationship with the work, to open up new possibilities to explore, entering the shape, becoming active in it and experiencing its pulsating rhythm with all the senses. 

All this following a grammar of form that is weakened or strengthened by numerous tensions of forces, visible and invisible. Kandinsky indeed wrote in a poem: β€œOn the upper corner to the left, a point / On the lower corner to the right, another point / And in the middle nothing at all / And nothing at all, is a great deal / In any case much more than something”.

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