Cassie Clark.
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Motherhood Year One


The first year of motherhood has been the most surreal and incredible journey. There were days that would often be filled with such endless joy and love and others were they would blend together and be filled with sleepless nights and an endless to do list at work. Every moment over questioning, over worrying, over googling was payment into the entrance of motherhood.

I have changed as a woman; Auden has made me a more confident more determined version of myself. Having a child has put life into perspective. I am able to prioritize the things that once consumed a lot of my energy. Raising a child is a task I do not take lightly. I want to make sure I am being my strongest self for my daughter and lead by example.

The first year of parenthood can best be described as thrown into a body of water and told to swim when you have no idea or concept of what swimming is. That is parenthood. You walk into the hospital in labor ( My walk was a very slow contraction filled stroll) and leave with another human life. Surreal? Yep. The most surreal concept in the entire world.

You will stop worrying about everything else- because all that matters now is to create a world where they can thrive in.

Your heart will grow so much more than you can ever imagine.

You will truly understand what unconditional love is.

Your whole life will be put into perspective.

You will live in the moment.

You will roll with life and become more easy going.

You will appreciate every cry every laugh and know that nothing is forever.

You will kiss them so much- I personally want to eat my baby all the time.

You will realize how fragile life is and how you should celebrate it.

You will find a new level of patience.

You will want to capture every special moment even if it seems routine and simple.

You will be astonished at how quickly they grow.

I can’t get enough of Auden- she is the best thing I have ever done. She brings such joy to our family. I can not wait for another year of motherhood to reveal itself. Cheers to all the mothers who have accomplished the first milestone. Let’s raise amazing humans who grow up with love compassion and hopefully want to change the world with positivity.