Cassie Clark.
epic shit.



Over the years I have noticed a sweeping epidemic that has been creeping into the overall designer responsibility and slowly begins to impact the overall design and that would be the conversation of trust.  I know in that in any good healthy relationship both parties must get to know one another and build trust this ensures a healthy working relationship. 

What I have noticed over the years is that the trust that I thought was established is called into question on a daily basis.  Clients just do not trust their creative teams; and I am not sure why. A designers sole purpose is to solve problems in the best solution possible.


I have been just really fascinated with what seems to be a harder than normal sell for any creative solution. Every time we create something it goes through review, sometimes through multiple reviews with multiple people with multiple people we take that feedback and adjust our creative trying to remain true to the brand, the creative brief and make the client look like a rockstar. Our creative decisions are dissected, and then dissected some more.  My fear is because of this intense process our designs become water-downed versions of what they originally were to begin with- these epic expressions. 

We are hired by either the agency that we work for or by the client directly if we are freelancers. Our end goal is to produce amazing work. (please note that this pertains to most of us not all of us.)

Here is the secret; we are professionally trained just as you trust your doctors, hairdressers, and lawyers we also went to school to refine our craft and our talent. 

We know what we are doing and while yes we are creatives; we have a sense of business and how business need to run.  We understand timelines and budgets. We understand how to interrupt brands into the ask of the creative brief to solve the problem for the client and the brand. And while design can be subjective most of us make design decisions based on brand guidelines or the design brief.  The options or design solution we present is what we believe to be the best solution. We are open to collaboration and ownership between us the creative and you the client. 

But at the end of the day- our foundation of what we are trying to do together can only be strengthen by trusting us first.