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How to Create Strong Conceptual Ideas.


There is a famine of strong conceptual thinking these days. Currently design has taken a literal turn an easy rotate to streamline the process- and without pushing design and design thinking we are left with half baked ideas that are lack luster and are luke warm.  Being able to think blue sky big picture is dying off- and it must be saved. 

So how to fix this problem?  


I have been labeled since I began CCS that I was too conceptual and too sculptural- that I would never be able to get a job because my designs were "too out there", I was told on many occasions I would never get a job in the real world because my designs were too conceptual. I realized that my struggle was not going to be to convince someone that I was a creative thinker but rather that my crazy ideas could expand their business and my ideas could be watered down as needed. 

1. Strong conceptual ideas begin at the research phase.

Here you must acquire all of the information you can get your hands on, what is a brand thinking, what are they doing, how are they acting through every space; ad, social etc. 

2. Identify the problem 

Using your research on the brand, identify the problems with the brand or with the current state of things. 

3. Solve the problem creativity

Gathering inspirational reference that relate back to the research and to the brand is critical; people can draw cool forms but unless the forms mean anything that they are just cotton candy with no substance and more willing to be watered down or diluted. 

4. Execute fearlessly

When you propose an idea that is out of the norm not only will it potentially take more time to ideate on, model and render but your story telling must also be executed flawlessly as well.