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casey neistat

why I love casey neistat.

It's really very simple; Work Harder. Do More.  

Casey is one if not the best at story telling.  His story telling is really unmatched.  He is able to create tiny glimpses into his life that provide not only entertainment and beautiful cinematic shoots but also lessons about life, living, and working and creating. He is a filmmaker, a motivator, and a vloger.  He posts once a day which just adds to the allure of Working Harder and Doing More. 

I fucking LOVE THAT!  I can't get enough of it.  It makes me stay focused and stay on point. 

As a designer you search for inspiration.  You search for individuals that have the same passion and desire as you so that when you need a heavy dose of inspiration they are there to give you the motivation to keep driving and keep going.

There is an honesty to the way he shoots, the way he speaks. He is human.  Check him out- get inspired.