Cassie Clark.
epic shit.



After what seems like forever- I am back.  Back to seeking my own creative fulfillment by means of creating outside of the workplace (to be fair I have been working TONS of hours on average about 60 a week).  Never the less- I am not complaining....While my head never stops designing or being inspired by what surrounds me- I am now taking action and will be visually unleashing it here on my website, and collaborative website with my sister. 

So what has happened since I lasted blogged? A shit ton.

Callie and I launched our baby MERGE which is a the blending of two designers into a unified one creative thinking machine; that asks questions, challenges preconceived notions and looks at the world simplistically. 

We also debuted our first art installation-entitled Welcomed Defense.  

MERGE and Welcomed Defense items to coming soon!  

welcomed defense

I turned 28. Which I thought I would never admit- but something happened when the "official" moment happened- I felt free.  Everything that I wanted became clear. I found my voice.  Like good wine- everything gets better with age.  I truly love myself- which I think for every woman is a challenge.