Cassie Clark.
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my official first sale of atmosphere distribution

I am over the moon tickled pink! My childhood dream of becoming a painter is slowly becoming a reality.  I am embracing my painterly like tendencies and excepting my quest to find my own voice among the brush strokes. Recently at the 2013 CCS Alumni Show Re/View I sold my first official painting Atmosphere Distribution a still life in which I labored over on and off a few years ( more than I am willing to admit ), by an attendee of the show.  What excites me the most is the emotion the painting is able to exude at each glance.  I am so honored to have my painting hung by a patron.  Slowly changing the world one brush stoke at a time. 

Atmosphere Distribution 

Atmosphere Distribution 


My other painting Line was featured in the monthly C Magazine- I am tickled a deep deep magenta!