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my first love.


While sitting in the war room today talking to my wolf pack (my co-workers) were staring at the wall with pinned images, pondering the complexity and planning of the architectural marvelous that stared back at us. When Andrew suggested that I look up de young a beautiful art museum in San Francisco.  

Much to my surprise  The Girl with a Pearl Earring is being shown at that museum- she was my first love; as a child I would look through art books at my grandmother's house.  I remember at the age of five I was sitting on the floor in the living room flipping through the same Dutch art book I always flipped through and stopped dead in my tracks at this beautiful woman.  She was stunning.  I knew then in not these exact words-however- first I really wanted to be a painter so I could create reality from nothing as second if I could figure out a way to generate the awe-stuck feeling I felt when I feel in love with her as a career, so I could change the world; I would be the happiest girl in the world.    

Here's to a beautiful painting, and one of the most amazing artists Vermeer. Enjoy. 

Johannes Vermeer - Girl with a Red Hat.jpg
Jan Vermeer - The Lacemaker .JPG
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