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embracing my inner dork

For years (since the fourth grade) I have been hiding a secret.  A secret that I wanted to keep hidden from the world. WHY? Perhaps it has to do with the idea that I never had any design control.  And now after 26 years I finally feel at one with my challenge. I have only owned about 5 pairs my entire life and all of them have never been my true vision of what I thought eye glasses would look like...until my most recent purchase at Costco in the men's section. 

I am visually challenged. My world is blurry. I have glasses.

WHOA. I know it sounds silly but I have successfully hid this from everyone. And now because of my allergic reaction over this past weekend has forced me to wear them to work and in public. EEK. My nerd-ism is fully visible; I am in hiding no more. 

Embrace who you are- stand proud- and say it with design.

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