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the first female president


I knew I was different from all the other children from an early age. I was an odd one. I would dress differently. My headband ribbion bows were always the largest, tallest, and the most colorful (Thank you to my mom).  I always wanted to draw. I loved learning but all I wanted to do was create worlds and live within my paper.  I was forever getting in trouble because I "colored outside the lines". A parent teacher conference was called when I was in kindergarten because my educators where concerned with my creativity. 

When asked what I wanted to do when I grew up I knew two things I wanted to be an Artist and change the world and I also wanted to be the First Female President of the United States. I always believed that women were powerful and strong.  My mum aside from being my first role model, made sure to surround my sister and I with other strong female role models, Joan of Arc, Amelia Earhart, Virgina Woolf, Hillary Clinton even down to choosing female doctors and dentists. 

It is so important for girls, and woman to be ambitious to want just as much as our male counterparts. Woman still make 0.77 cents to every man's dollar. Have we made progress?  You bet; but taking into consideration that it is 2013 and we still do not have equality we have not made enough progress.

Being conscious and knowing about it is the first step. Be Aware. DREAM BIG. Never let fear decide your fate. DO EPIC SHIT. 

Amazing article on troubling stats about women-

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