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My Perspective On PRODUCT DESIGN.

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I am a supporter of equality for ALL.  This at times seems like a completely unrealistic view on life with all of the inequality that still exists in 2013, women statistically make 80 CENTS to every dollar a man makes, Gay's are not able to marry, and the design industry still is prominently male dominated.  

I have always been an advocate for Women.  I was raised to understand that the world was going to favor the Man but I could work harder than my Male counterparts and I would be rewarded. 

I am writing this post because I was very disappointed in the College for Creative Studies Product Design Department's promotional video that was recently released. As seen here.

Don't get me wrong it is a well done video and the renderings and ideation featured show the emotional juicy images that the department is known for. What is not featured are the Women designers.  

I am a graduate of the Industrial Design Department (my minor) I had to work twice as hard as the Males in my class.  Is there inequality in the product design department? DAMN STRAIGHT.  Is the Industrial Design Industry Male dominated? YOU BET. That is why I wanted a piece of the pie.   

So when I saw ONLY Males featured in the video it really PISSED me off.  I am not saying just show a Woman because she is a Woman- that is not helping any one, but there are plenty of talented, strong WOMEN designers in the Industrial Design Department.  Do not put us in the back ground.  We deserve equal treatment.  Show and empower girls that they can be Industrial Designers.  CCS's choice to show case Males in the video only helps perpetrate this idea that Women are not good problem solvers. It is the same thing as telling a girl "Girl's are not good in Math and Science."  It is the same injustice.  

Let's work to EMPOWER a new generation of Designers not discourage them in an industry that is challenging enough.