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the power of visualization boards

I have always been a practicer of positive energy into the universe.  If you admit positive energy into the universe positive things will happen to you.  A number of years ago while watching Oprah- the most amazing book The Secret was featured along with the author Rhonda Byrne. 

She talked about this methodically of not only being a positive being but also by doing things in your current life could have an impact on your future.

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She created or rather fine tuned this notion of; 




The philosophy is simple in theory; ASK the universe what you want, BELIEVE with every ounce of your being that you will get it, and RECEIVE it from the universe. 

To aid in this process she recommended that you create Visualization boards- which are simply images of things you want in your life.  Be very careful when you are selecting them.  I can honestly say and will share with you items that I asked the Universe for and RECEIVED. I wanted to be shown in an Art Gallery I was. I wanted to find my artist voice I did. 

My boyfriend and I were talking the other day about visual boards and I said something like we need to do that- or at the very least I need to recreate mine- and JR said that is what Pinterest is- is it not?  If you do not have a Pinterest- you need one!

It is. All of my pinterest pins and boards are reflections of me.  Of what I want.  What I wish I was.  If my pins are any indication of what I want I think I want to be painted on, while creating sculpture of some sort, while cruising around in the Ghostbusters car and tons of Eames chairs. 

Use your Pinterest boards to act as your visualization boards- BRILLIANT. Here are a few of mine-