Cassie Clark.
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thread me. discrete visibility.


thread me. discrete visibility. 


| health care and social design |


Create a redfinition of the HIV/AIDS disease through form language. By using a humanistic and personal approach to a disease that strips its victims of their personal identity. Changing numbers, facts, and figures into real people.

Calling attention to a disease that had been acknowledged by society-by being ignored and shunned.


Universal Design.

Inspired by the Expressionist Figuration philosophies which sought to unify individual human forms with spaces that erode their recognized humanity. The IAC structure creates a haven to re-experience, re-power and thread a community. 

expressionist figuration. rhythmic pulsation. enigmatic beauty.



Depersonalization into Humanism. Times Square. Center of the Universe.

The Frank Genry IAC building becomes the narrative of discrete visibility; within the day a milky  white covers the structure, and as night approached the building illuminates creating transparencies. The elegant architecture serves as a haven for the patients of HIV/AIDS.

The structure will re orientate our attention toward the buildings structural and spatial properties.  The building will play against the surrounding buildings in Times Square creating contrast and a bigger urban composition. 

By placing the HIV/AIDS clinic in the center of Times Square places the disease at the forefront of visibility. The proposed space will reverse the negative connotation of having HIV/AIDS. Threading those patients to one another through discrete exposer to the world through a space that strives to educate the world about the human factor, testing, treatment, and empowerment. 

interactive exhibit design

The first floor of the IAC, is carved out, forcing the traffic of NYC to walk through it.  Within the lobby of the building is the first humanistic story telling exhibit.  Imagine a story of someone's victory and struggle unfolding over the course of the day. 365 stories a year.  Making the face of this faceless disease more than number but rather people thus changing the perception.


Yes. But all social change must start with a bold movement.