Cassie Clark.
epic shit.




aab. | flagship dealership design |


To design a SAAB dealership/showroom with an emphasis on bringing a new perspective for selling small cars and romoting BioHybrid concept cars in a three dimensional, interactive, and futuristic showroom.


Reflective of the SAAB brand and the Scandinavian design elements the innovative showcase will combine the simplicity of beautiful design and an affinity for nature creating a sense of movement.

By combing the sculptural futurist element with the simplistic aerodynamic and minimalist elements create a union which will seduce and engage the cliental in an engulfing and creative space. With an emphasis on simplicity efficiency and functionality the space will provide innovations beyond what people would expect from a car and thus the space. Challenging the way in which we perceive and setting the stage for a performance. seduce. engage. innovate. unveil.



Inspiration sprung from Futurism which emphasized the dynamism, speed, energy, and power of the machine. The Futurist glorified the energy and speed of modern life together with the dynamism and violence of the new technological society. By portraying multiple phases of motion simultaneously and by showing the interpenetration of objects and their environment through the superimposition of different chromatic planes.


floor plans