Cassie Clark.
epic shit.




| higher education institutional design | 

the spirit of innovation. the infinite possibility. 


To design a higher education faculty for Industrial Design housed in the Argonaut Building that fuses the functionality and aesthetics of the space.


By combining the various stages of design; idea generation, concept development, and finalization the space will visually reflect the design process. With an emphasis on simplicity, learning, and creative experimentation the space shall support, inspire and challenge the designers and allow for the cultivation for their own personal vision and style.


Inspiration resulted in the exploration of both Abstract Expressionism and the Bauhaus Movement. Creating a union between the automatic process of free association and the strong design elements including principles of composition and laws of dimension.

ideation and spatial planning

By exploring the power of a single line both linear and organic; the development of the space began to convey the essence of the design process. The process of ideation was visually represented to transport the student into the state one needs to be in to create art and design- FREE.


floor plans