Cassie Clark.
epic shit.

I [AM].


I [AM]. 

empowered. full of worth [ VISIBLE ]


To design a toy for the children of Bangladesh. 


Bring happiness to the children of Bangladesh by providing a toy that promotes self worth.  Targeting children between the ages of 4-8 years of age when building self esteem is the most crucial. 


The proposed toy will create a union and sponsorship between two companies; UNICEF and Friends With You providing a platform for the toy to exist.  The Toys will be funded by donation, produced by Friends With You and distributed by UNICEF. 


Inpsiration sprang from the topography of Bangladesh. Visually being able to connect the landscape of the country to the physical toy allowed for increased visability. Inspired by the Cubist Art Movement which sought to capture motion and fragmentation; the [ VISIBLE ] toy connects the spirit of the landscape and its fragmentation into empowerment. 


By exploring the fragmentation of the landscape and the notion of empowerment lead to the human form composed of various landscape forms.


The [VISIBLE] toy creates a sense of empowerment for children who face unbelievable obstacles.  If we empower our children the result is priceless.  They are the future and they will change the world.