Cassie Clark.
epic shit.

form in a box.

form in a box. 

Explore the two dimensional quality of the purest form the circle and allow it to be transformed into three dimensional form by linking the two dimensional surfaces together allowing the user to create a unique and one of a kind work of art. 


To design a unique interactive art experience that will allow walls and surfaces to transform and become more. Sought to humanize sculpture in a approachable way.


The circle is the purest form; it has no beginning and no end, representing a continuous cycle.  Each circle of 'form in a box' is intertwined and dependent upon one another.  The sculpture symbolically represents the interconnectivity and linkage between all human beings. It calls attention to Raw Pure Form. The kit allows sculpture to be ready made to the masses. 


Inspiration resulted in the idea of visually conveying the idea that life, creation, and the artist journey knows no start and finish but rather the continuation of exploration and recreation. Inspired by the Bauhaus who believed "the objective of all creative effort in the visual arts is to give form to space." I sought to take the gesture of painting and the simplicity of form and create a visually stunning three dimensional sculpture kit. 

imagine a product that allowed you to create three dimensional sculpture effortlessly.

instant form.

the time has come for a humanistic sculpture.


simply open the box, remove the round disks and begin to interlock them to create breath taking sculpture.

raw. pure. form.