Cassie Clark.
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CCS Interior Design




As a designer- you are a brand. Everything you do from what you wear, to what images you post on social media should project your brand image.  In order to have an effective story and a portfolio- the student needs to discover who they are in order to have a complying story- to get that job.  

Portfolio preparation is one of the most important classes that you will take at CCS.  And to me it  has always been about giving the students the right tools and thinking to create an identity.  My main passion is about teaching the students that they are brands and they need to market themselves accordingly. 

Interior Design or as I like to think of it as Environmental Design- because it is so much more than the title Interior implies. It involves a deep understanding of a lot of elements such as a sense of space, the attendees experience, how one frames areas for sight-lines, the attendees emotions, the needs and wants currently as well as in the future, and the flow.  It is so much more than material and furniture specification- but it can include that too. 

One item when I was in school that I noticed that was missing from my portfolio class was a sense of branding.  Industrial Designers did it (I had a minor)  I felt like when Interior Students presented or exhibited our work was missing our over arching branding.

We explore, branding, story telling and online presence just to name a few.  



Taking an objective look at what branding is and how to implement it into Interior Design Portfolio Preparation.  The first lecture deconstructs what branding is, what a brand is, why you should care, and how to start branding yourself. You are a brand. 



How do you begin to tell your story in an effectively and in a compelling way?  This crafty way of threading a story was severely missing from the students. Tell me a story, tell me how through your research you were able to create a solution. 


Your folio should represent your targeted job focus.  We break down the requirements of each profession. 


Your folio should tell a comprehensive story- overall as well as within each folio piece.